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Better farming for all

We know that sustainable farming is simply good business. That's why we are here for all farmers, to help you transition to more sustainable practices and ensure you get fairly rewarded on the way.

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Join over 800 farmers across the UK

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For Farmers

Exchange measures your environmental impact and helps you become more profitable.

Working with Farmers

Working with a farming business?

Explore how Exchange can help give you clarity on sustainable impact of farmers you work with.

How Exchange can help you

There are three simple ways in which Soil Association Exchange can help farmers and land owners:

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Accurate and trusted farm sustainability data, backed by cutting edge science and technology.

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Expert advice on how to improve so you can boost your farm's sustainability credentials and profitability.

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Pinpoint and benefit from the financial opportunities available to you from farming more sustainably.

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A holistic farm measurement tool

Carbon is important, but it's not the only thing that's worth looking at.


We believe that it's crucial to analyse the whole farm, which is why we look at 6 impact areas; Soil, Water, Biodiversity, Carbon, Animal Welfare and Social Impact.


Our science advisory board updates our methodology every year, and it's all open source - so anyone can look under the bonnet and check the science.


Sustainable farming is profitable farming

Soil Association Exchange will help farmers unlock the financial benefits of regenerative land use and sustainable farming practices. 

Helping UK farmers be profitable is key. That's why it's central to the Exchange service:


  • Link your improvements with government subsidy schemes

  • Prove your sustainability credentials to buyers

  • Make the most of natural capital opportunities.

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