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Better farming for all

Soil Association Exchange will enable all farmers to reap the rewards of farming more regeneratively. Register today for updates and to have first access to a service that will change the way people see farming for good.

Picture of field with the text 'Make your farm more profitable and more sustainable'.

For Farmers

See how Soil Association Exchange can help you get paid to produce food and protect the land.

Working with Farmers

Working with a farming business?

Explore how Soil Association Exchange can help give you clarity on sustainable supply chains.

What Soil Association Exchange
means for you

There are three simple ways in which Soil Association Exchange can help farmers and land owners:



Get accurate and trusted data on your farm’s impact on soil, climate change, biodiversity, water, animal welfare and society.



Get expert advice, tailored to your land, on how you can boost your farm’s sustainability and profitability. Delivered online and on-farm.



Pinpoint and benefit from the financial opportunities available to you from farming more sustainably.

Image by Dave Hoefler
Picture of field with the text '...the industry standard for measuring and rewarding regenerative farming'.

Setting new standards in farming

Soil Association Exchange aims to support all farmers to measure and receive rewards for regenerative farming and forestry practices.

This builds on the experience of the Soil Association who helped set the international standards for organic 50 years ago. Today, Soil Association Exchange is focussed on securing the future for all farmers – and the planet. 


Soil Association Exchange has been created with the input of hundreds of farmers, and we are already working with a number of leading food businesses including: Sainsburys, Marks & Spencer, Arla,  ADM Capital, Nando’s, Compass, ABP Foods and Riverford.


The future of sustainable farming is here

Soil Association Exchange will help farmers unlock the benefits of regenerative land use and sustainable farming practices. 

Our online platform uses cutting edge science and data to map the impact of farms against key environmental metrics. And our team of agricultural advisors work in partnership with farmers to help businesses prosper, so you will be able to make the most of your practices and produce - and get paid for protecting the land.

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