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Soil Association Exchange is a new service for the world of farming, powered by years of experience and cutting-edge technology.



Soil Association Exchange is here to support farmers and the way they do business. To change the way people see farming and the impact it has, and to harness the power of farming for the good. 


We're here to help every type of farmer and grower get the most out of sustainable farming - reaping the financial benefits of feeding their communities while stewarding the land with nature in mind. 

Our online platform uses cutting-edge technology to help you measure the environmental and social impact of your practices and make positive differences that reward your efforts. Our team of agricultural experts work in partnership with you to help your business prosper, so you can make the most of your practices and produce - and get paid for regenerating the land.


Soil Association Exchange is backed by the Soil Association, a charity with 75 years of experience in supporting farmers to be profitable and sustainable.


Although historically associated with organic farming, today the Soil Association is proud to work with all farmers across the industry. In fact, our Innovative Farmers programme has engaged over 15,000 UK farmers since it launched in 2012.


Our knowledge of, and commitment to, sustainable agriculture is now more important than ever to ensure farmers can run profitable, sustainable businesses – that will last into the future.


Soil Association Exchange was initially funded with support from Lloyds Banking Group.  We continue to work closely together to support the agricultural sector to transition to more sustainable practices and a net zero future. 



Joseph Gridley_edited_edited.jpg

Joseph Gridley

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Harriet 2.jpg

Harriet Atkinson 
Project Manager

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William Leabeater2.jpg

William Leabeater  
Head of Comms & Marketing

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Alex Crooks.jpg

Alex Crooks
Technology Lead

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Beth Metson BW.jpg

Beth Metson  
Head of Farming Advice

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Headshot AC_edited.jpg

Annie Cole 
Team Assistant


Jack Butler
Customer Operations


Simon Pratt
Full Stack Engineer

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Louise Rezler_edited.jpg

Louise Rezler
Director of Commercial Partnerships

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Stuart R BW.jpg

Stuart Robertson 
GIS Developer

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