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For Farmers

Exchange helps you really understand where you are on the road to farming more sustainably.


Exchange helps you to:

  • Realise the financial value from farming sustainably

  • Raise the environmental credentials of your farm and prove you are a responsible producer

  • Help protect the British countryside

Wheat Field

Joining Exchange means you can:

Instantly load your farm map and start to generate your sustainability report today

See how your score compares to similar farms with our industry benchmarking

Online and on-farm expert advice to help you improve

Discover the financial benefits available from sustainable farming

Get the sustainability data you need to demonstrate your farms impact to your customers

A whole farm measurement approach


We believe it is crucial to look at the whole farm when measuring it's impact.


We measure 6 different impact areas, using 22 metrics across the farm, so that we guard against unintentional consequences of fixing one, and upsetting another area.

Our methodology is open source and reviewed each year by an independent science advisory group so that it is always improving.

What farmers say


Richard Pain
Witley Court Farm

Our advisor Karen was very knowledgeable and made the whole process easy.

Fonthill view.png

James Griffin
Fonthill Estate 

Rather than just all the data being remotely gathered, the team actually walk the fields. It felt like the best of both worlds.

Screenshot 2023-11-07 160817.png

Robert Fleming
Castle Sinniness Farm

Getting a better understanding of where we stood, matched with some sound advice has given confidence to take the next step.


Which Exchange service is right for me?

Exchange Explore

Free registration where you take the lead on collecting and inputting your farm data.

  • Free registration for any farm

  • Automatically load your farm map

  • Generate your score and see where you might need to upgrade to access more data sets

  • Full access to Learning Hub

  • Tutorials to guide you through farm data collection

Wheat Crop
Green Farm

Exchange Excel

Consultancy service where we visit you to conduct all the surveys. Dedicated farm advisor to work with you to create a plan for where you can improve your score.

All the advantages of Exchange Explore, plus:

  • We visit your farm for up to 2 days to collect all the in field data needed:

    • Soil samples

    • Biodiversity survey

    • Water assessment

  • An advisor will spend up to 4 hours with you to fill in all the desk based questions.

  • Fully verified final scoring for use with the supply chain

  • Fully bespoke recommendations from your dedicated Advisor on how to improve.

  • Bespoke pricing based on farm size and need

So, how does it work?

1. Register your interest today. It's quick and free.
2. To produce your farm's sustainability report you'll need to answer some questions online, add field data where needed and we'll use remote-sensing to add further detail.
3. Receive a scientifically-accurate report on the state of your farm’s impact on soils, climate change, biodiversity, water, animal welfare and society.
4. See how your farm compares to others and get advice and guidance on how you can improve. You can create an action plan to keep track of your activities and track change over the seasons.
5. Get trusted information on the different financial opportunities available for farming more sustainably, including subsidies and natural capital markets (e.g. carbon).
6. Measure progress in a year’s time to see how it's improved.
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