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For Farmers

The landscape of farming is changing forever. We work with farmers to help them make the most of the new and exciting opportunities sustainable farming can bring to their business.


Through joining Soil Association Exchange, farmers receive:


Accurate and auditable data on your farm’s impact on climate change, soils, biodiversity, water, animal welfare and society. This will help you prove to food processors, retailers, governments, banks and the general public that you are farming regeneratively.


High quality advice on how to farm more sustainably from the UK’s leading organisation in sustainable farming, with over 75 years experience in the sector.


Clarity on the confusing array of financial opportunities out there, so you can decide how to make your farm more profitable. 


So, how does it work?

1. Register your interest today. Its quick and free.
2. To produce your farm’s sustainability calculation, we’ll ask you a few questions and use remote-sensing to create a detailed on-farm sampling plan. 
3. Receive a scientifically-accurate report on the state of your farm’s impact on soils, climate change, biodiversity, water, animal welfare and society.
4. See how you farm compares to others and receive support from our agricultural advisors to develop an Action Plan that will suit and benefit you.
5. Get trusted information on the different financial opportunities available for farming more sustainably, including subsidies and natural capital markets (e.g. carbon).
6. Measure progress in a year’s time to see how it's improved.
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