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Working with Farmers

Businesses increasingly need high-quality data on how they are impacting climate and nature.


Soil Association Exchange provides high-quality data on the farms that you work with so you can demonstrate your commitment to tackling the climate and nature crises through your business activities.


You can use our data to:


Generate high quality sustainability reports to support your ESG goals - data that you can use towards SBTi submissions, TCFD/TNFD and other board level reporting.


Help farmers you work with make the necessary changes to move towards net-zero and nature positive practice.


Access the data you need to automate and verify incentives you are offering  farmers you work with.

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Steve McLean - Head of Agriculture & Fisheries, M&S

M&S are passionate about supporting British farming.  Exchange enables us to understand the progress made on farms that work with us across a holistic set of metrics, and where we can better support producers to farm more sustainably for the long term.

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Harriet Bell - Regenerative Farming Lead, Riverford Organic Farmers

We know that Riverford suppliers are extraordinary, but also that agriculture involves compromise. The data from Exchange evidences where we’re getting it right, and where there’s room for improvement, so we can apply our resources in trying to identify a better way forward, to everyone’s benefit.

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We are working with industry-leading companies to help them calculate and reduce the impact of the farms their supply chains and customers

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'Having worked in the food and agriculture sector for 30 years, I know that SA Exchange is precisely what we need if we are to meet the climate, nature and health challenges of today.’

Judith Batchelar – former Director of Sustainability at Sainsbury’s

How Lloyds are helping their customers towards a net zero future, using Exchange

We recognise this is a challenging time for the agriculture sector as farms face high and rising costs and we are helping our customers to deal with those issues every day. But the direct impact of our changing climate hasn’t gone away and so we want to help farms tackle the root cause of these challenges, accelerating their race to Net Zero to become more economically and environmentally sustainable.

As a bank, we also have obligations to positively impact climate change and have made a commitment through NZBA (net zero banking alliance), under the Principles for Responsible Banking to set and report against science-based climate targets.


By working with Exchange, we will help our customers to holistically measure their own baseline positions, propose recommendations for improvement and then link those recommendations to financial incentives and potential reward opportunities. The data received will then also form the basis of our target setting and provide an ongoing methodology to validate against.

We have a world-beating industry that has shown its ability to adapt and innovate to provide high-quality food to the domestic and international market. We’re proud to continue our support for the sector both for Lloyds Bank clients and that of the wider agriculture industry, that will help farmers unlock the benefits that becoming more environmentally sustainable can bring.


Lee Reeves, UK Head of Agriculture, Lloyds Bank

  • 400 Lloyds customer farms using Exchange by the end of 2023

  • Over 500 days spent on farm by Exchange advisors

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